A huge thanks to everyone that has donated, it's much appreciated. If you'd rather you weren't listed below, ping me in Discord, raise a GitHub issue or submit a PR :)

  • K.Correia
  • W.Roemhild
  • A.Renfang
  • D.Karpantschof
  • MPPS International
  • R.Huska
  • A.Galetto
  • A. Hoover

If you're on Discord, drop me a message and I will add your Donator role.


A full list of contributors and their commits can be found at GitHub

Special shoutout to:

  • Apipa169 for his Docker and implementation
  • ryancasler for testing all the latest versions

If I've missed you, I apologise! Drop me a note in Discord or send a pull request and i'll get these updated