Sending Broadcasts

Passing commands to Assistant Relay is as simple as calling the /assistant endpoint with the correct parameters

Sending a broadcast command

A broadcast sends a message to everyone in your home, by broadcasting a message on all of your Google Home devices

To send a broadcast command, simply send a HTTP POST request to /assistant with the following json-encoded body parameter:

"command": "hello world",
"broadcast": true,
"user": "greg" // Match the name of the users you setup

The Google Home device will now play a broadcast that says Hello World


As Assistant Relay uses the Google Assistant Service, there are some limitations to the environment that this can operate in.

  • By Google's design, a broadcast goes out to all Google Home devices. This cannot be changed.
  • For broadcasts to work, Assistant Relay must be running on the same local network as the Google Home devices you wish to broadcast to.
  • In addition, some users have reported issues when IPV6 is enabled on their router. We recommend disabling IPV6 support on your router.

Note: If Digital Wellbeing is enabled, this feature may be restricted or blocked by Downtime, Filters, or Do not disturb. Please go here for more information on Digital Wellbeing.